Sneak Peek: Groomers Brush & Tool Guide

Did you know that we have a fantastic grooming resources web section?

It’s full of product help, event information and useful videos.

We’re very fond of our grooming product guides, designed for students and for groomers who might want a reminder! You can download them, print them out and keep them in a file or have them on your computer to look at any time!

Here’s a peek of what you’ll find in our Groomers Brush & Tool Guide:

Slicker Brush Appearance: Fine wire pins secured to a solid base, which are bent approximately half way down each pin.

Use: One of the most popular types of brush for professional groomers and pet owners alike. Used to remove tangles and knots. Ideal for everyday use on all full, or double coated dog breeds. Choose soft, finer pins for long, fine coats and sensitive skins. Use a larger size brush with stiffer pins for heavier and thicker coats. Can also be used to fluff dry woolly coats.

Ideal for: Poodles, Lhasa Apsos, Bedlington Terriers, Cocker Spaniels

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