Professional Grooming: Charging Your Worth

Pricing your grooming can be a minefield – there are so many things to think about!

You want to be competitive, but pricing yourself too low can do more harm than good. It can leave you out of pocket or you might get known for your pricing rather than your grooming skills, which could attract fickle clients.

What you do need to do is to charge your worth and reflect the skills, qualifications and experience you have.

Here are our tips to do just that!

  • First, calculate your outgoings per year. This includes renting out of property, electricity, water, staff wages, equipment servicing & repair and consumables like shampoo – everything you can think of that goes into the running of your business. Don’t forget to include your own wage in this!
  • Divide your yearly outgoings by the number of days a year your salon is open to get a daily amount. This is the least amount of money you should be earning per day to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Divide this amount by the number of working hours you have in a day to get a minimum hourly rate. If you think this might be too high, it may be time to consider your costs and what you can do to lower them.
  • Take a look at how this hourly rate compares to other groomers in your area and their grooming experience and quality. Don’t forget to ask others, as we can be harsh on ourselves! You may find that the quality of your grooming justifies a higher price than what you’ve already calculated. This is your worth, and you have every right to be charging it as it reflects your skills and experience.
  • You can now apply this rate to any dog and any service depending on the amount of time it is likely to take. You can add on more for unexpected costs such as dogs with fleas where fumigation will be needed, or a matted dog which may blunt your blade more quickly.
  • To protect your income, you might want to think about taking deposits for each appointment. This deposit should cover your hourly minimum rate.

If you want to turn over a better profit, you could consider add-ons such as specialist shampoos, spa treatments, canine massage or offer a retail section including brushes, shampoos and sprays that will come in handy between grooms.

We recommend our six packs as a starting point for your retail business. You can find them all here:

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