Choosing Your Grooming Table

We want to help you choose the correct table for you, so we made a Table Guide (see our Grooming Resources section for more) to give you a hand.

We’ve included an excerpt below, but you can see the whole thing here:


We stock a wide range of tables, but what’s important is getting the right one for you, your business and your budget.

Electric and hydraulic tables can be easily adjusted to get the perfect working height for you, saving your body from unnecessary strain. This may also be achieved with a static table, so long as it is height-adjustable.

Depending on the chassis or the electric or hydraulic tables, the table may move differently. An X or scissor style chassis will move straight up and down, while a table with a Z style chassis may move slightly to one side, which you’ll need to accommodate.

We usually recommend an electric or hydraulic table for a busy salon environment and for groomers who take on large dogs. Mobile groomers or home-based groomers may find that space simply won’t allow for one of these large tables, so a static table could be best. Portable tables are perfect for groomers who home visit rather than having a mobile van, and for showing or competitions.

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