Which Shampoo Do I Need For My Dog?

In association with our offer for a HUGE 20% off our Groomers shampoos for the Bank Holiday Weekend, we’re giving you a little bit of advice today on which is best for which dog.

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There are plenty of shampoos out there to choose from, and each one can work differently depending on the dog’s skin and coat condition.

What’s the problem?

  • Dull dry coat – Choose a rich moisturising shampoo
  • Sensitive skin – puppy shampoo or a natural shampoo
  • Oily coat – deep cleaning or astringent shampoo
  • Outdoor/working dog – Detangle shampoo will get those burrs out!
  • Smelly coat – A deep cleaning shampoo with a fantastic fragrance will help here
  • Anxiety – Choose a gentle shampoo with a therapeutic scent
  • Faded/yellowing coat – You need a colour-enhancing or brightening shampoo

Need more help? Our Shampoo product guide will let you know exactly which one of our shampoos you need.

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