A Cage Mat That’s Comfy & Easy-Clean!

Bespoke Easy Wipe Premium Cage Mat

Whether your dog is regularly crated at night or in the car, or if you work in a pet-oriented workplace that uses crates or cages, you’ll love the Big Dog Bed Company Bespoke Easy Wipe Premium Cage Mat!

What Makes It Special?

  • Ultimate Comfort – It features a 50mm deep high-density foam cushion which keeps dogs cool and comfortable.
  • Super Hygenic – The dog mat has a robust but soft PU cover that is easily sanitised.
  • Easy to Look After – The mat is completely waterproof. You simply wipe or hose it down to clean it.
  • It’s Bespoke! You choose the size that you need for your crate or cage

These bespoke mats come in a range of sizes ensuring that most cage or crate sizes are covered, and comes in navy or purple. Each mat is made to order, with the material and manufacturing guaranteed for 2 years!

Find it here: http://bit.ly/2ovm1ds

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