Living With Pets: Why It’s Good For Us

Ever wonder why so many people have pets? There are loads of reasons! But what some people don’t realise is that having pets can be really good for you, mentally and physically.

  1. You get more exercise. Whether you’re walking your dog, playing with your cat or chasing your rabbit around the lawn in an attempt to put it back in the hutch.
  2. They keep you company. Many people simply keep a pet as a companion so they don’t get lonely.
  3. They’re a calming influence, offering comfort and easing anxiety.
  4. They make you keep to a routine, which can help keep you calm and make you get up in the morning!
  5. They encourage connections with others. Some people just can’t help but say hello to a dog, or talk to a fellow cat-owner.
  6. They give a sense of security. Dogs barking warns us of possible intruders and can scare them off in some cases.
  7. Studies show they can actually reduce our blood pressure and lower stress levels.
  8. There are also studies that state that pet owners are less likely to suffer from allergies

Can you think of any more ways that your pet is good for you?

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