Keep Coats in Flawless Condition

Dog coats need to be kept in great condition to ensure the pet is always comfortable. A healthy coat helps to protect the skin from the sun, and also acts as an insulating layer, keeping out the cold or the heat when needed, especially for double coated breeds.

Brushing the coat regularly can give brilliant benefits:

  1. Removes shed hair that can turn into knots and matting. Mats can be very painful and can pull at the skin. They can lead to more severe skin issues when moisture and dirt are trapped near the skin.
  2. Evenly distributes natural oils for a shiny, healthy coat.
  3. Stimulates healthy coat growth.
  4. Taking a look at the coat often can make you more aware of lumps and skin issues.
  5. Massaging brushing motion can be very relaxing, for the pet and for you.
  6. Allows you to better bond with the pet.

How often should I be brushing my pet?

To keep the coat in optimum condition, you should be brushing as often as possible to keep debris out of the hair and to help the natural shedding process along. This should generally be around every two days. However, it really depends on the coat: some long-haired pets are brushed twice daily to keep them tangle-free.

Here’s a quick guide to help you:

  • Curly/ Double/ Thick/ Long/ Heavy Shedding/ Knots easily – Daily or every couple of days
  • Medium-length/ Single coat – Twice weekly or weekly
  • Short-length/ Very smooth – Fortnightly

What brush should I be using on my pet?

See our helpful brush and tool guide to see exactly what you need to brush your furry friends with. Find it here.

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