Be Prepared! Pet First Aid Kits

Whether you work with pets or own one, keep yourself prepared for any medical emergency by making sure your pet first aid kit is well-stocked.

Why not get started with our Aqueos First Aid Bundle and SAVE £5!

Find it here:

The kit includes:

  • Aqueos Alcohol Free Sanitising Wipes – To quickly disinfect a wound or area of skin
  • Aqueos Blood Stop – A fast-acting blood coagulant for small wounds, including quicked nails
  • Aqueos First Aid Spray – A spray-on disinfectant, great for hot spots
  • Aqueos Spray-On Plaster – An adhesive barrier to protect wounds, with micronized silver aluminium to help heal skin

You can find all of our first aid items in our pet health website section – click here.

What else do you need in your kit?

  • Bandages,scissors and tape
  • Forceps/tweezers for splinter or burs removal
  • Thermometer
  • A selection of muzzles
  • Eye and ear wash solution or wipes


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