Plinio Icassati Dog Grooming Master Classes!


Only a few more tickets are available for Master Classes with Plinio Icassati, on the 10th and 11th October 2016!

This master class is designed to really help you to achieve the best groom you possibly can, with help from international award-winning groomer Plinio Icassati, who will be flying over from Canada for the Festival Of Grooming 2016 and is staying on for a couple of days to help you out in these classes.

Here are three reasons why we think it’s really good for you to go to any master class:

  1. You get one-to-one tuition which allows you to finely hone your skills
  2. The advice is tailored to you and your grooming experience level
  3. You get specific advice for the dog you are working on, which helps to solve issues with their coat, their particular anatomy, their health or their temperament.

Don’t forget, the better your grooming skills, the more your worth is, and the more your worth is, the more you can charge for your service and therefore create a more profitable business.


Book your ticket here by clicking on this link.

The Groomers Team

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