Five Products to Keep Your Salon Flea and Tick Free

Flea and Tick Dog


You no longer have to worry about a flea-invested dog when one walks into your salon. Just make sure you have these products handy to ensure your salon is always protected.

Canovel Home Blitz Fumigation Pack

A double pack of smoke generators that kill a range of insects, including fleas and ticks. For the best results, use as soon as you close the salon and leave overnight.

Groomers RidASect Insecticide Powder

This powder is ideal for sprinkling over your salon to kill unwanted fleas and ticks, and is also effective against a large range of other biting insects. This powder does not contain permethrin, and instead contains the naturally derived pyrethrin as the active ingredient which is a safer alternative should it be ingested. This product is best used when your shop is closed and left for 15 minutes before being vacuumed.

StayKil Plus Household Flea Spray

Use this powerful, long-lasting flea spray at the end of your working day to blast your salon. This spray contains a growth regulator that inhibits the pupae and larvae from turning into adults and reproducing, therefore effectively stopping the flea life-cycle and allowing you time to remove them from your home with vacuuming and washing fabrics.

Groomers RidASect Laundry Wash

Use this antibacterial laundry wash in place of your usual detergent for your towels and cage bedding to ensure that insects and other nasties are eradicated. This medicated wash contains hygienilac, which removes stains and odours while eliminating bacteria, fungi and viruses, even at 30°. This product is effective against norovirus & H1N1, salmonella, listeria, e. coli and MRSA.

This month we have a range of RidASect Flea and Tick Bundles to choose from, including a Home bundle, Cat bundle and Dog bundle. Find them here.


Don’t forget the dog!

Groomers RidASect Flea Eliminator Powder For Cats & Dogs

This 100% natural powder can be used directly on dogs to effectively kill fleas. Instead of using chemicals which fleas can become resistant to, this powder uses an organic compound to dehydrate the fleas quickly, physically killing them.


Top Tip: Remember to treat every crevice – fleas are known to hide in dark, warm spaces, for example, in dog beds and under sofas.

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