NEW: Cocomutts Coconut and Neem Shampoo Bar

New This Week:Cocomutts Coconut and Neem Shampoo Bar

Cocomutts Coconut and Neem Shampoo Bar.

This shampoo bar for dogs is perfect for the flea and tick season. It contains citronella and neem oil, both of which have strong insect repelling properties to help ensure that your pet does not get an infestation.

This nourishing shampoo contains 100% natural ingredients, including many naturally occurring oils such as coconut oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil and lemongrass oil. These ingredients have lots of benefits, including antiseptic properties and astringent properties for a thorough clean. The coconut oil helps to moisturise both the coat and skin while the combined oils deodorise the coat, leaving behind a minty, botanical scent.

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