Product Focus: Groomers Booster Baths

Our reasonably priced booster baths are ideal for groomers and pet owners alike, as they can be easily transported and folded away to make more space.

The baths are designed for both outdoor and indoor use, and they are made out of UV-stabilised polyethylene for a lightweight product built to last. For extra stability, the table features rubber grips on the feet, which are highly useful for indoor surfaces and a textured rubber mat in the base of the bath to ensure the pet cannot slip while being bathed.

The bath has a dropped down front for easy access and the design, which includes a long hose for drainage, allows access the whole way around the tub, making the bathing process that little bit simpler. A shampoo caddy and variable spray nozzle make shampooing and rinsing easy, while the 3-point lead restraint system ensures that the pet is kept in one place.

This product packs away quickly and easily, as it features detachable legs and a lightweight plastic-moulded tub.

Available in medium, large and extra large sizes at

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