Groomers Limited Launch Exciting New RidASect Range


The new RidASect range from Groomers Limited is designed to combat every aspect of an insect invasion. It includes six innovative new products: Laundry Wash for any fabric, including bedding and clothing, Insecticide Powder for virtually any indoor or outdoor surface, Flea Repellent Soft Spray, Flea Eliminator Powder and Flea Repellent Mousse. The Soft Spray is available either for dogs or for cats; the Eliminator Powder works on all animals and the Mousse is for cats that prefer their treatments delivered with a massage.

The on-pet products are all 100% natural, made either with Margosa, a cold-pressed oil derived from the Neem tree which has insect repelling properties, or with fossilised algae designed to dehydrate and kill fleas.

Available from June at

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