Home Pet Spa Essentials

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Treat your pets to a home pampering session this month with the following ranges and products from Groomers:

  • Terra Beauté spa products are made with natural essentials oils, included for their Bath Mudantibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to soothe and cleanse the skin. This range also features Dead Sea minerals, which have anti-aging properties, promote skin regeneration and remove impurities. Included in this collection are Mineral Bath Mud and Mineral Anti-Aging Bath, both of which are excellent for the skin and hair..
  • For severely flaky skin, your dog will benefit from the use of our Exfoliating Spa Gloves, which are used while shampooing to gently exfoliate the skin. These gloves are also excellent for loosening shed fur that you may have missed while brushing.

To see our full range of bathing products, please go to our website.

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