New Tricks: Roll Over

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Teach your dog to roll over with these simple steps:

  • First ensure that your dog has learned to lie down when commanded.
  • When the dog is laying, stand or kneel close to them with a treat in your hand.
  • Ensure you have a closed fist and hold the treat by their head. Move the treat around the head in a circular motion so that the dog has to turn their head. The chances are that their body will not roll with the head on the first time, but the dog may lie on their side.
  • On the second attempt, gently use your free hand to guide the dog’s body where you would like to go.
  • Try it in stages, stage one being on the side, stage two being belly up, and stage three being a full roll. Repeat until they complete a full roll. When they are successful, say ‘roll over’ to get the dog accustomed to the command.
  • Once the dog successfully rolls over, reward them with the treat. Tell them they are a good dog and pat them on the head to reinforce.
  • Keep practising until your dog can roll on command without the treat circling his head.
  • After this point, you can slowly remove the treat, instead using a clicker or rewarding with pats on the head.
  • Try to roll your dog on soft surfaces like carpet or grass as harder surfaces can damage the back.

Some dogs do not like exposing their stomachs. If they are not willing to do this, do not push the matter. Instead, try a different trick.

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