Matts and Brushing


Any Groomer will tell you that brushing is imperative to the condition of a dog’s coat and skin. Here are our top facts for dog owners:

  • Every dog needs to be brushed, some weekly or bi-weekly, while others with long coats will need daily brushing. Even short-haired dogs need brushing in order to remove shed hair and dirt.
  • Brushing prevents matts and tangles, which can damage the coat and leave skin sore and inflamed. Some matts can cause sores to develop on the skin, which in turn can become infected and lead to acute pain for the animal.
  • Some matts occur in the undercoat and cannot be seen from the outside. If your dog has a double coat, always ensure that you section the hair and brush from top to bottom
  • Areas such as the arm pits, chests, rear and around the ears are very likely to matt and need the most attention when brushing.
  • Always brush before you bathe the pet as bathing can cause knots and matts to become worse.
  • Pay extra attention when your dog is shedding and ensure that you brush more regularly then, as this is a time when matts can develop easily.
  • If your dog is matted, you can try to cut or brush the matt out, but if in doubt always go to your groomer. Some coats will need to be fully clipped off as this is much better for the dogs wellbeing, and this gives you a new canvas to practise your brushing on.

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