How To Put a Tail Bag on a Horse

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Bag up your horse’s tail to protect it from the elements and to allow growth. Just complete these easy to follow steps:

  1. Find the end of the tail bone and divide the hair evenly into three sections to braid it securely downwards. It is imperative that the braid begins right where the tail bone ends, otherwise the braid will be too loose and in a short time the bag will slip down.
  2. Extend your braid to the end of the tail, leaving only about one inch of unbraided hair. Tie off with two or three hair elastics to keep the braid in place.
  3. Carefully move the completed braid right to the bottom of the bag, trying to keep the braid smooth.
  4. Now tie the bag onto the tail. Create an opening near the top of the braid and feed the bag tab through. Pull the bag right up to the base of the tail bone.
  5. Wrap the other fabric tab around the top of the braid, making sure that you are not squeezing the actual tail bone. Never tie anything around the dock of a horse’s tail or the tail bone. This can cause a loss of blood to the area and can be extremely irritating to the horse.
  6. Tie the tabs together using a bow or a type of knot that is easy to undo.
  7. A correctly attached tail bag should stay in place for up to a week or more at a time.
  8. When the bag becomes unsecure or when the braid begins to look worse for wear, untie the bag’s knot, unbraid the tail and gently brush it down if need be. Afterwards, replace the bag using steps one to seven.
  9. The bag will act as a barrier against the environment, and deter you from repetitive tail brushing. Then your horse’s tail will be gloriously long and thick.

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