Help Dogs Lose Weight Healthily

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Has your vet told you that your pet is overweight? Don’t despair, because we have put together the best tips we could find to allow out to help your dog lose weight.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How often does my pet get exercise each day, and for how long? The correct amount really varies according to the size of the dog. Larger dogs could need up to two miles per day, whereas miniature breeds only need around 500 metres. In any case, the amount that the dog exercises should be increased.
  • How much does my pet get fed per day? Ideally, you should work out how many calories they should consume each day according to their weight and then measure the food out. Think about the food that they are eating. Is there a healthier alternative, something with less fat and higher protein content? Again, in each case, the food amount should be decreased.

A few rules:

  • Create a Routine. Feed and exercise the dog at the same times every day to ensure that their bodies are used to this.
  • No Snacking. To lose weight, the dog needs to eat only their allocated calories. That means that everyone in your home must not give the dog treats or tid-bits from their own food.
  • More Exercise. Elongate daily walks or give multiple walks each day to increase the amount your pet exercises.
  • More Playing. Ensure that your pet plays for at least 20 minutes per day. If possible find a playmate for them to free yourself up.

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