Grooming Advice on YouTube

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YouTube can be a very helpful resource when it comes to grooming advice. Follow these channels to ensure you never worry about a grooming session again:

Groomers Online

The Groomers Ltd YouTube site offers helpful and informative guides to grooming basics that will be useful for grooming students and home groomers.

Melissa Verplank

Mellissa’s channel hosts a wide range of grooming ‘how to’ videos, interviews and offers a playlist answering questions from groomers.

Jodi Murphy

This channel offers a series of videos labelled as ‘how to groom’ with focus on theory and techniques. Great for beginner and student groomers.


TheDogWorldTV features coverage on a range of dog shows and events, ideal for recognising breed standard grooms. They also offer a host of grooming guides to watch for breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise and Lhasa Apso as well as cross breeds such as the Labradoodle.


Offers a wide range of grooming demonstrations and quick tips featuring industry professionals.


This channel features grooming help for dogs and horses using Wahl clippers. Also give tutorials on how to use and maintain your Wahl clippers.


If you need help with your Andis clippers, this is the channel to watch. There is a dedicated channel for pet grooming, focusing on specifics such as a sanitary trim, paws and faces rather than complete grooms, enabling you to pinpoint the part you need help with.

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