Give Horses Show-Worthy Coats

Groomers Show Coat Kit

Get coats to look their best with our liquid products, developed especially for equine skin and hair. Our Show Coat Kit is ideal for any owner or shower looking to enhance the look of their horse’s coat.

Groomers Show Coat Kit

The Groomers Show Coat Kit comprises of 250ml bottles of the following products:

Crown Coat with Royal Jelly contains very high levels of natural proteins, viamins and sugars for all round condition and general wellbeing. All of these ingredients combine to give the coat a soft texture and healthy shine as well as moisturised skin. Bathe with this product to see beneficial effects on hair loss, dull coats and itching.

Crystal Gleam is an oil-free liquid formula that produces the ultimate coat shine without any sticky residue. Regularly spray sparingly all over the coat for general maintenance and nourishment, or use before a competition to enhance dark points and quarter marks.

Plait ‘n’ Go is a time saving product when plaiting before going to a show. This spray provides gentle hold and manageability to stray ends, for a crisp, clean plait. This easy application spray bottle allows for one-handed use, perfect for when flyaways come out of the plait. The liquid leaves no sticky residue and instead holds the hair neatly in place.

Groom & Detangle is an all-in-one grooming spray that helps remove knots and tangles without leaving the mane and tail sticky. Use regularly to maintain a full tail without stripping unnecessary hairs and to prevent future knotting.

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