Finishing Touches


Finish off your grooms by adding that perfect touch of colour. Here are our favourite products:


Our deluxe handmade bows are available in red, pink, blue, cerise or yellow. These bows come in ten individual sets of two, available in one colourway only per pack. Ideal for top knots and fountains on drop-coated breeds like Yorkshire Terriers.

Hair BarrettesBAR_barrettes

Excellent for use in medium to long hair, these hand-crafted barrettes fix in place with clips to the back of the bow, making them very versatile in terms of styling. Each pack contains fifty bows in a variety of patterns and in one colourway. Choose from purple, pink, blue or cerise.


Groomers have a variety of bandanas to choose from, suitable for male and female dogs, all with highly decorative patterns. All our bandanas are adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit for the pet.

Nail PaintPens

Groomers have a variety of nail paints and pens in multiple colours. For brights, look for Warren London Pawdicure Pens, which feature neon colours as part of the collection. The Showtech Two-Way Nail Polishes are excellent for those who want more metallic colours in their collection. The set contains polish in black, white, navy, gold, orange, silver and raspberry. These 2-way pens feature both brush and nib applicators.

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