Braid Technique: Button Braid

Young Rider

Create a neat, stylish braid for showing this year with these easy to follow tips:

  1. Divide the hair neatly into sections, using a clip if necessary to keep the hair from falling back into place.
  2. In your first section, divide the hair into three equal parts. Take the outer piece of hair from the right and pull it tightly over so it becomes the centre strand. Do the same with the left hand side piece and repeat until you have braided to the end of the hair.
  3. Use a rubber band to tie off the end and fold the ends over to create a neat finish.
  4. Take a needle and thread and sew into the bottom of the braid.
  5. Fold the braid in half under itself, and again until it has reached the neck to make a rounded shape, like a button. Secure with the thread, tie off and cut thread close to the hair.
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 until the whole mane has been completed

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