Understanding Dilution Rates

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Shampoos come in so many forms that sometimes it is difficult to truly understand how to use them or what to use them for. Our shampoos have a range of dilution rates attached to them, and these vary depending on the strength of the products used.

Some of our products can be used neat as well as diluted. This applies to shampoos with a 6:1 dilution rate. However, others are specifically developed to be watered down, such as our Herbal, Magic Forest and Intensity Shampoos, which have a 30:1 dilution rate.

Using 30:1 as an example, to dilute this product you need to use 1 part shampoo to 30 parts water.  This translates to 10ml shampoo and 300ml water, or however much you will need, depending on the size or the number of animals you intend to bathe.

Alternatively, you can use a mixing bottle, which has markings on it to signify each fill level. To help with the use of this item, we have made an info-graphic for you:

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