Love Your Horse: Grooming Equipment

It wouldn’t be Valentines month without a treat for your horse, whether that is a nice brush down or some much-needed maintenance. We have selected a few choice pieces of grooming equipment that we think will really help.

Andis SuperSpeed Horse Clipper

Keep coats short and neat with this Andis clipper, specially designed with a large blade to make horse clipping much easier and faster. This clipper features a sealed motor for quiet operation and a durable outer casing to withstand any knocks it might get.

Bentley Slip-Not Large Grooming Kit

Every tool you need for a perfect grooming session, all in one place. This kit includes a dandy brush, body brush, flick brush, face brush, sweat scraper, hoof pick and a tack box. It is available in blue, purple or pink and is perfect for a new horse owner.

Groomers Show Coat Kit

This handy set contains our best-selling products to produce the ultimate show coat. Save time grooming, moisturise the coat, detangle, plait manes and tails, and produce the perfect shine to accentuate coat colour and muscle definition. This bundle includes: Equine Crown CoatCrystal Gleam Spray, Plait ‘n’ Go and Groom & Detangle.

Grooming Polishing Mitt

Create a soft, silky, shiny coat with this sheepskin mitt. Simply finish your groom by stroking the coat in the direction of growth. This soft mitt features an elasticated cuff to keep the mitt on and easily take it off.

Kevin Bacon’s Hoof Dressing

Treat your horse’s hooves with this dressing to help protect against cracks, splits and bacterial infection. This treatment is made from natural ingredients designed to help provide nourishment and make the hooves stronger. It will also add shine to enhance the natural hoof appearance. This product comes with and application brush for ease of use.

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