Top 5 Tips For Retail in the Grooming Salon

Groomers Bathing Best Sellers Case

You can increase your profits easily by displaying items that you have available for customers to buy in your salon. Learn how with our tips:

1. Choose which products to sell. You can choose from a vast array of items to sell, from food, to toys, to grooming liquids and equipment. First, you should think about the dogs that come in. Are the dogs mostly long haired, short haired, large or small. What type of coat do they tend to have?

2. Then think about your customers. Do your customers often ask where you get your shampoos or fragrances from? Do their dogs often come in with eye stains or tangles? Think about the products you would recommend to them between grooms and stock them.

3. Ensure the items you pick get good results quickly. This includes things like toys, but it also includes small shampoo sizes, brushes, fragrances , detangling sprays and finishing sprays.

4. Keep your displays simple but interesting and easy to understand. Keep excess stock in the back room or a cabinet to stop overcrowding.

5. Change your display frequently to keep interest:

  • Have a plan before you start moving things around. Create a simple drawing and decide where things should go before you start. Begin to think about how each of these product groups will look when they are together and how you want to display them.
  • Always show prices and sizes. Make it as easy as possible for the customer to learn what they can about the product before buying.
  • Make it easy for customers. Choose your best selling products and place them at or near the reception area. This makes it simple for customers to spot and take from shelves when paying or signing in.
  • Make it bold and interesting. Don’t display everything in the same way, choose different display types and levels to ensure the eye is drawn everywhere. People like novelty, so including an unusual table or prop will add interest, for example, a bathtub with bathing products inside.
  • Don’t overcrowd the space. Give easy access to every product and keep it neat and clean. Create simple but effective displays with different heights to keep the eye moving.
  • Theme each section. Ensure you group products according to what they are and how they are used. Try to ensure the colour scheme does not clash and ensure clashing colours are broken up by neutral tones. If using the same colour in different tones, move from light to dark.
  • Customer interaction. Involve customers by giving them plenty to look at. Groomers Limited supply talkers for our products that your customers can read, featured in the image above. Let customers know which products you have used in the groom.
  • Add value. Keep your loyalty cards, displays on current offers and vouchers at the reception area where they are easy to spot.
  • Promote your website, social media and upcoming events. Neatly displayed business cards and posters will draw the eye. Make sure people become part of your community before they leave the salon and always give new customers your card and offer to book the next appointment.
  • Change the display. Do this perhaps every two or three months, so a customer sees it at least twice, giving them an opportunity to find something they wanted last time before it changes. This still keeps the display interesting but allows for the opportunity to buy products easily.
  • Good lighting. This is essential so customers know what they are looking at and can read the information you have provided.

You can find our selection of retail items on our website.

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