Top Tips for Blade Maintenance

Clippers and Blades

Prolong the life of your clipper blades with these tips:

  • Oil blades regularly before and after use with 3 drops of oil on the blade to prevent rusting. Wipe off excess.
  • Brush off hair periodically while clipping and before oiling.
  • Ensure tension and blade placement are correct before use.
  • Clean blades after use with blade wash to ensure a deep clean and use a hard brush to get into the teeth. Dry immediately.
  • Keep the blades well lubricated at all times to prevent clipper rash.
  • Store blades in a blade box or rack to prevent blade damage. For blades that are not in use for long periods, wrap them in an oil-soaked cloth and leave in a moisture-free area, again, to prevent rust.
  • Ensure trailing leads are not in the way as a trip may result in clipper blade damage and personal injury.
  • If the blades are fixed to the clipper, ensure the blade guard is in place before storing.
  • Do not use damaged blades or clippers. If a tooth is bent or broken, replace the blade.

Watch our YouTube video for a visual guide on how to clean your clipper blades.


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