The Difference Between Blenders, Thinners and Chunkers


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Fisher 6″ Pro Cut Thinner

Tell the difference between these scissor types with our helpful hints:

Thinners, or Double Thinning Scissors:

  • Have teeth on both edges
  • Used to remove bulk from coats, this includes very fluffy ears.
  • Expect to pay from £40 to £100 on a good quality scissor, and up to £150 for special features.

Blenders, or Single Thinning Scissors:


Roseline 5 1/4 Blender

  • Have teeth along one edge only.
  • Used for blending coats from long to short and for softening around the face.
  • Used for smooth clipper and scissor lines, also to give natural texture.
  • The more teeth, the more hair the blending scissors take off.
  • Expect to pay  for £50 to £100 on a good quality pair, and more for excellent quality.

Chunker Scissors: 


Roseline 8″ Swan Neck Chunker

  • Have large teeth along one edge that leave small gaps for hair to slip into larger spaces in the scissor blade.
  • Used for texturising and giving a soft and natural finish.
  • Removes lines left by scissoring with full-bladed shears.
  • Expect to pay £150 – £250 for a very high quality chunker scissor.

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