Shampoo Tips

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Keep your shampoos and conditioners for longer and get more use out of them by using the following advice:

  1. Shake before use.
  2. Always read the label and use the amount suggested instead of guessing. Pay attention to dilution rates as diluting properly will allow you to use the product effectively for longer. If in doubt, use a mixing bottle.
  3. All-natural products tend not to last as long as those with additives in, so keep an eye on these liquids.
  4. Avoid letting contaminants in the bottle, even air and water contain bacteria that can multiply in time. Your fingers also count as a contaminant.
  5. Avoid storing the product in sunlight as bacteria love damp, warm spaces. This can also cause the product to separate.
  6. Close the lid firmly after use to ensure contaminants like dog hair do not enter the bottle.
  7. Even left sealed, exposure to heat and humidity can degrade shampoos over time, so try to keep them stored in a cool, dry place.
  8. Keep products for longer by using pumps instead of lids as this keeps water and other contaminants out.
  9. If in doubt, throw away products that have changed in smell, colour and consistency.

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