Reduce Worm Burdens in Horses

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Follow our advice on how to reduce the number of worm larvae your horse is exposed to:

  • Poo pick twice a week or as often as possible.
  • Rest the pasture or rotate the pastures systematically to help break worm lifecycles. The minimum recommended period of time to rest a pasture is three months.
  • Use inedible bedding to reduce the risk of ingesting parasites.
  • Keep feed hay in nets or mangers to reduce the number of parasites crawling in.
  • If possible, keep pasture stocking levels to a minimum; ideally one or two horses per acre.
  • If the horse is in a livery, keep an eye on the other horses coming in. Young horses tend to be more heavily infected so talk to the owners if you have concerns.
  • Mixed species grazing may be a good way to reduce worm burdens as worms cannot survive in sheep and cattle.
  • Take a worm egg count to see how many eggs the horse excretes. 200 or more per gram will tell you that the horse should be wormed.

If you need help understanding horse wormers, feel free to call our dedicated SQP on 0845 230 7997 or contact your vet.

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