New Year, New Groom


Corgi Grooming

It’s a new year, so why not treat pets to a new groom with a pair of clippers or scissors? This month we have given you a 15% discount on Groomers Elite scissors and all of our range of brushes and combs.

Here are our five favourite items that every groomer needs:

Groomers Elite 6.5 Inch Straight Scissors

Groomers Elite 6.5 Inch Straight Scissors

  1. Groomers Elite 6½” Straight Scissors

These high-quality stainless steel scissors are perfect for finishing and trimming medium dogs and feature micro-serration for more grip on hair while scissoring.

  1. Groomers Elite 4½” Straight Bull Nosed Scissors

Safety scissors in a very small size, ideal for delicate work around the face and in hard-to-reach areas to ensure there are no accidental injuries.

Groomers Undercoat Rake

Groomers Undercoat Rake

  1. Groomers Metal Combination Comb

Featuring wide and medium spaced teeth, this comb is ideal for coarse and dense coats to separate hair and effortlessly style.

  1. Groomers Double Sided Slicker

There is no need to switch slickers with this brush. It features two sides with long pins for dense coats and matts and short pins for more sensitive areas.

  1. Groomers Undercoat Rake

Remove loose undercoat hair easily and efficiently with this rake, which features rotating teeth that reach deep into the coat. Ideal for combination coats.

Offer begins on the 5th of January.

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