Braiding Tips

horse tail plait small

Achieve perfectly presented braids on manes and tails by following these helpful tips:

  • Mist the hair with Plait n’ Go when you begin to give a better grip, easier management and a crisp finish.
  • Section the mane in equal sections before you begin instead of doing one at a time and ending up with one braid smaller than the rest. Use bands or clips to ensure hair stays in the correct sections.
  • Ensure the braid is tight for a sleek, professional look, and ensure that it starts as close to the neck as possible.
  • Use a braiding comb to section off thick manes. For thin manes, try creating fewer braids by sectioning the hair at larger intervals.
  • Ideally, a braid is started from the poll downwards. However for some horses it may be better to go from the withers upwards, especially if they have not had their manes braided before.
  • If you are learning to braid, you may feel happier using rubber bands than a needle and thread. See which method you prefer and which gives the best look.
  • Keep your rubber bands in an easy to reach place so that you can secure the braids quickly, without undoing your hard work.
  • If you will be sewing in the braids, cut the thread to about 20 cm for each braid to prevent tangling.

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