Salon Treatment Ideas for the New Year

Dog Bathing

The New Year is an ideal time to bring out a new treatment. Here are our suggestions:

  • Dog Massage: This relaxation technique can be used in conjunction with various other spa products to create several packages, including a treatment for sore spots and deep-conditioning. If you don’t know where to start, take a course, go to a seminar or read The Complete Dog Massage Manual.
  • Spa Bath: Try a spa bath or a dog Jacuzzi to help massage animals whist being bathed. This will help relax joints and muscles and is a great relaxation therapy for pets.
  • Aromatherapy Bath: Allow dogs to relax with smoothing smells as they bathe. Our aromatherapy shampoo is scented with calming lavender and mint essence and is perfect for nervous dogs.
  • Tear Stain Treatment: Rid dogs of unsightly tear stains for their owners by using a specialised cleansing lotion or powder. No More Tear Stains and our brand new product, Eye Envy promise to eradicate staining by helping to treat overactive tear canals.
  • Mud Bath: Dogs love to get muddy, so why not use that as a way to make profit? Mud baths help to repels ticks and fleas, aids circulation and relieves skin irritation. It is perfect for dogs with dry, sore skin. Try the Terra Beaute Bath Mud, which contains dead sea salt for a soothing and fun therapy.
  • Deep moisturising and conditioning treatment: Use shampoos and conditioners to deeply cleanse and moisturise the skin and coat. Use products that include Evening Primrose Oil for quality conditioning.
  • Colour Enhancement: Groomers Ltd offer three different coat enhancing shampoos for black, white and copper coats. The range also features Evening Primrose Oil to help ease skin conditions.
  • Breath Freshening and Teeth Cleaning: We have a large range of dental supplies that will help with this service, including oral hygiene sprays, powders, toothpaste and helpful toothbrushes, all designed with animals in mind.

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