Product Profile: Bridleway Rug Wash

Bridleway Rug Wash

Bridleway Rug Wash

Stable and turn-out rugs will soon need a thorough wash to rid them of grease and dirt. Use this quality product to keep them fresh and clean:

Bridleway Rug Wash

This rug wash has been formulated to gently clean and revitalise all types of horse rug, no matter how thick the lining. The detergent comes in a long-lasting one litre size and is manufactured by Bridleway, one of the leading retailers for the equestrian market. It can be used to hand wash or machine wash.

Bridleway Equestrian was created by a group of independent retailers from across the UK to develop a quality range of equestrian products. They pride themselves on their knowledge of horses, their products and the general equestrian market. Bridleway offers a wide range of products, focusing on horse and rider wear as well as grooming and yard equipment.

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Top Tip: If you are washing sheepskin, replace with human conditioner rather than a detergent as this will allow the sheepskin to remain supple.

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