How to Measure for a Horse Rug

Horse Measurements

Ensure your turnout rugs are well-fitted this winter with this useful guide:

  • Measure your horse before buying a new rug to avoid having to take it back. Some sellers may feel that because it has hair and grease on it, it is no longer in a saleable condition and will refuse to refund.
  • Measure the horse from the centre of the chest horizontally until the measure is in line with the base of the tail. Ensure you have the measurement in inches and centimetres as rugs are measured in different ways according to the manufacturer.
  • Also measure from the withers to the base of the tail as this tends to be the European measurement.
  • If buying a coat with a neck cover, measure around the neck to ensure a good fit.
  • Bring the measure to the shop if you are unsure to check the sizing yourself rather than relying on the label.
  • If the horse is between sizes, it is usually better to go up a size than down, especially for turnouts with attached neck covers where the fabric may be bunched.
  • Try the rug on the horse, putting a sheet underneath to protect the fabric from dirt and hair. The rug should not extend from beyond the top of the tail while the horse is grazing, but if it does not reach the tail, it is too small. The rug should be loose enough for it to move over the coat, withers and shoulders as the horse moves.
  • You should adjust leg straps and surcingles to allow a hand width between the horse and the strap to allow for free movement and less rubbing.

The following is a table that should help you choose the correct rug for your horse:

Rug Size
Feet & Inches
in Inches:
in Cms:
European Size
in Cms (approx)
Fits Approximately
3’0’’ 36’’ 91cm 60cm Under 10hh/Foal
3’3’’ 39’’ 99cm 65cm Under 10hh/Foal
3’6’’ 42’’ 107cm 70cm Under 10hh/Foal
3’9’’ 45’’ 114cm 75cm Under 10hh/Foal
4’0’’ 48’’ 122cm 80cm 10.0hh – 10.2hh
4’3’’ 51’’ 130cm 85cm 10.2hh – 11.0hh
4’6’’ 54’’ 137cm 90cm 11.0hh – 11.2hh
4’9’’ 57’’ 145cm 95cm 11.2hh – 12.2hh
5’0’’ 60’’ 152cm 105cm 12.2hh – 13.2hh
5’3’’ 63’’ 160cm 110cm 13.2hh – 14.0hh
5’6’’ 66’’ 168cm 115cm 14.0hh – 14.2hh
5’9’’ 69’’ 175cm 125cm 14.2hh – 15.2hh
6’0’’ 72’’ 183cm 135cm 15.2hh – 16.0hh
6’3’’ 75’’ 191cm 140cm 16.0hh – 16.2hh
6’6’’ 78’’ 198cm 145cm 16.2hh – 16.3hh
6’9’’ 81’’ 206cm 155cm 16.3hh – 17.0hh
7’0’’ 84’’ 213cm 160cm 17.0hh – 17.2hh
7’3’’ 87’’ 221cm 165cm 17.2hh – 18.0hh
7’6’’ 90’’ 229cm 175cm 18.0hh +

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