5 Festive Salon Window Ideas

Dog with presents


Increase customers and profits this Christmas by turning your salon window into a festive display for your retail products:

1. Snow Scene. For those whose primary retail sales are in pet jumpers and coats. Use some fake snow or white covering as the base of your snow scene. Use some dummies, like the Trixie Model Dog to show off your best-selling apparel.

2. Christmas Dinner. Dogs love treats, and our Christmas range has plenty of festive-themed snacks. Make a centrepiece from our Christmas Pudding and lay out each table setting with a different treat. Create a feast with our truffles, tarts, after dinner mints and mini Christmas puddings.

3. Fireplace. Try creating a fireplace out of cardboard and then lie some of our Carob Yule Logs inside. Add red, yellow and orange tissue paper to create a fake fire. Hang our Tartan Stockings along the fireplace and place toys and treats around the base.

4. Christmas Tree. If you have a spare fake tree lying around or perhaps already have one for the salon, utilise it for your display. Decorate it and scatter toys and treats around the base. We have a range of toys that include snowmen, santa, gingerbread men and red tartan shapes that would look perfect. To go make it more authentic, wrap some cardboard boxes in Christmas paper and ribbon.

5. Bath Time. Show off your Spa services and your luxury brands in a bathing scene. Use an old baby bath and some tissue paper or foam to create a full bath tub and use steps to display your best-selling bathing products. Create signage detailing your spa treatments for customers willing to spend a bit extra. Include our retail bottles of the Festive Fragrance range.

As always, use signs to detail what you have on offer.

Remember to ensure that your displays are closed off so that pets cannot eat the contents. Fake snow may be pretty, but it will not be good for the digestive system.

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