Top 10 Winter Hoof and Leg Care Tips


Winter Hooves


Keep horse’s hooves and legs healthy by following this helpful advice:

1. Pick out feet every day with a hoof pick.

2. Check shoes for wear and tear regularly, and have the farrier trim every 5-6 weeks.

3. Consider putting over reach boots on, to help prevent shoes being pulled off.

4. Apply oil such as Veredus Golden Oil regularly to prevent split hooves and to help protect from bacteria.

5. Apply grease to the bottom of the hoof to help avoid build ups of compacted ice and snow.

6. Use Groomers Equaderm Shampoo to wash and protect legs from mud. This product contains Evening Primrose Oil, which will help to penetrate mud and bacteria.

7. Always wash legs down with cold water and not warm after muddy conditions to help prevent bacteria.

8. Use a towel to complete the drying process before putting your horse into the stable.

9. Consider a supplement containing zinc or biotin to boost hoof health. Try Groomers Equine Food Supplement with Royal Jelly or Equaderm Supplement with Evening Primrose Oil.

10. Before turnout the next morning, always check for any signs of heat or pulse.

Always ask your vet for advice if unsure about anything.


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