Top 10 Items for a Groomers Christmas List


Groomers Winter Selection


Add these essentials to your list this Christmas:

1. Festive Scented Shampoo. The Groomers Frosted Apple All-Purpose Shampoo is the newest addition to our Festive Fragrance Collection this year so get salon visitors in the spirit of Christmas with this scrumptious scent.

2. Fragrance Spray.  The NEW Plum Pudding Fragrance Spray, scented with sweet toffee will add festive cheer to all coat types. Available in stocking filler size.

3. Creative Grooming Accessories. Stock up on creative grooming products like Pawdicure polish pens and spray on colour, or get a festive sparkle with Glitter Spray.

4. New Workwear. Nothing looks more professional than well turned out staff, update salon uniforms with stylish new work-wear.

5. That Expensive Piece of Equipment. Christmas and birthdays are the time to upgrade those large, high ticket items like dryers, tables and baths!  Look at these blasters and combi dryers.

6. A NEW Clipper. A fresh set of clippers is the best way to start a new year so, if you’ve been very, very good, put these on your Christmas list.

7. Blade Maintenance Kit. Look after the tools which make your business and keep blades clean and well lubricated with this set. Includes Klipper Klean, Blade Wash, Clipper Oil and a Blade Wash Caddie.

8. Grooming Carry Case. Keep all your grooming essentials organised and in one place when mobile with a new grooming bag or case. Try our Wahl Grooming Bag.

9. Grooming Pouch or Skirt. Useful for keeping brushes, scissors and other tools close to hand, and for keeping clean!  Emergency supplies like coagulants also slip in to the pockets easily. Our Grooming Skirt comes in black and pink and features roomy pockets.

10. Christmas Pet Toys. Pick out festive toys for the four-leggeds so they don’t miss out this Christmas.

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