5 Creative Grooming Ideas for Christmas

Poodle with Tinsel

Include pets in the festivities with these fun creative grooming ideas:

1. Candy Canes. Try alternating red and white colour diagonally up the legs and tail. Finish with semi circles along the body to complete the shape or end them at the top of the legs to simplify.

2. Polar bear. For dogs with thick or curly coats. Use white colour to cover the whole body if not naturally white, then create a teddy bear clip for a cute take on this Arctic animal. For a more lifelike style, leave belly and leg hair long, clip the tail closely and round out the ears if possible.

3. Snow Scene. Clip in some snowflakes for a 3D effect or use our new snowflake stencil with silver or white colour spray. Add some extra festive spirit by finishing with silver glitter spray.

4. The Grinch. Keep fur around the chest and withers longer than the rest of the body and colour red with a white lining to make a Santa coat. Leave back feet furry and spray them black for boots. The rest of the dog will, of course, be green.

5. Christmas Colours. Keep it simple with red and green ears, feet and tail. To go the extra mile, use Pawdicure Polish Pens to paint nails or spritz on some gold glitter spray.

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