10 Tips for Equine Winter Grooming

Bay horse in winter


Keep equine grooming simple this winter with our helpful advice:

1. Brush the horse off daily and check for any nicks or cuts hidden by mud.

2. If grooming outside and the horse is mostly clipped,  leave the rug folded over the horse’s quarters while you work.

3. Use turnouts with deep cuts and neck covers to keep the horse as clean as possible. If not clipped, use a lightweight rug which gives the same coverage.

4. For stubborn stains use water-less shampoos like Groomers Quick Wash Equine Shampoo for spot cleaning.

5. Use a rubber or plastic curry comb to break up solid mud on the legs and then dandy brush off.

6. Use a body brush to groom any clipped areas covered by the turnout rug, these areas may look clean but will get scurfy and greasy if not groomed.

7. Always ensure girth and saddle areas are free from mud before tacking up to prevent rubbing.

8. Check feet carefully and pick out and brush daily.

9. Try and keep horses off saturated ground to reduce mud fever and skin complaints.

10. Consider using supplements to keep the coat in good condition. Try Groomers Equaderm Supplement with EPO or Groomers Equine Food Supplement with Royal Jelly.

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