Preventing Mud Fever

Muddy horse feet

Prevent Mud Fever this winter with our helpful tips:

  1. Keep horses away from muddy ground by fencing off these areas, particularly gateways and spaces with standing water.
  2. Exercise paddock rotation.
  3. Ensure all bedding is clean and dry.
  4. Avoid hosing down legs as this may create damp areas where bacteria can grow. Allow mud to dry and then remove carefully with a dandy brush.
  5. If this is not practical, wash legs with a low pressure hose and an anti-bacterial wash like Hibiscrub. Dry legs thoroughly after washing.
  6. Apply a barrier cream to clean, dry skin prior to exercise or turnout. This will prevent bacteria exposure. Those with an emmolient or an oil base are ideal such as Groomers Equaderm Evening Primrose Oil Cream.
  7. Dry pasterns thoroughly after riding as this is typically a susceptible area.
  8. Ensure legs are clean and dry if bandaging prior to exercise. Remove the bandages immediately afterwards.
  9. Inspect horse’s legs daily for inflamed, cracked, or scabbed skin. Pay particular attention to horses with white or pink skin or long feathers as they can be more prone to skin complaints.
  10. Consider a skin health supplement, such as Groomers Equaderm Supplement with Evening Primrose Oil.
  11. Bring horses in for breaks from wet ground, or put a gate on a field shelter with dry bedding.

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