Horse Tips for the Firework Season


Keep horses calm this Bonfire Night with our helpful advice:

  • Prepare. Discover if there are displays nearby. Bonfire Night is on a Wednesday this year, so celebrations could take place on either weekend before or after the 5th of November.
  •  Stable if possible. If your horse is used to being kept in, bring him in if there is a display nearby. If displays are some distance away he should be fine out, although double check all fencing and gates. Do not turn out in a strange field over night in case he gallops around and is not familiar with where boundaries are. Keep with company if possible.
  • Keep the horse occupied.  Ensure your horse has plenty of hay and water.
  • Carry out checks through the evening if the display is close by. Although, be mindful not to disturb and upset the yard with an unusual habit.
  • Check for firework debris. In the morning, check the field for fireworks, packaging or sparklers.
  • Try a calming supplement. For nervous horses a calmer may be suitable, there are various available from your feed supplier, or the vet. Try giving  NAF’s Magic supplement a few hours before needed.
  • Check your personal liability insurance. If your horse escapes, you could be liable for any accidents caused, so ensure you consider this necessary precaution.

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