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Andis nail grinder

Product Profile: Andis Nail Grinder

Created by the family-run U.S. brand Andis, this nail grinder is a valuable addition to any pet owners grooming kit. The company has been established for over 90 years and is a word-wide business that specialises in grooming products, particularly clippers and dryers. Their animal range was created in the 1970s and remains one of the top suppliers, and the brand is always expanding to include new and innovative technologies.

Andis Nail Grinder

This product is an effective, mains-powered nail grinder designed to quickly shorten nails. The grinder is particularly useful for trimming dark nails, as it is difficult to see the quick. It is beneficial for students who are not yet confident with clipping as it reduces the risk of catching the quick and having the animal bleed out. Nervous owners who may have experienced a bleed before will feel more in control with this device.

This professional grinder helps smooth jagged nails, which may snag on furniture, scrape flooring or scratch skin. The grinder also eliminates the risk of cracking or pinching the nail, which can cause severe discomfort. Due to the variety of attachments available, it is suitable for any size nail.

Key Features:

  • Mains powered electric nail file for trimming and shaping nails quickly
  • Two speeds
  • Includes: Two sanding attachments with five sanding wheels, wrench for attachment changes, soft storage case
  • Can be used on cats or dogs

The Andis Nail Grinder is priced at £30.50

Find this product on the Groomers website here.

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