Top Tips for Calm Pets During Fireworks

Brown Lab

Halloween and bonfire night are two ghoulish celebrations that many pets do not appreciate.  During the season of fires, fireworks and trick-or-treaters keep dogs and cats calm with our helpful recommendations:

1. Ensure your dog enjoys an energetic walk to help tire them out.

2. Keep pets inside. Create a den to help them feel more secure, this may simply mean placing their dog bed under the table and then ensuring the curtains or blinds are drawn to screen flashing lights. make one for them. Our Pet Cave would make the perfect den for a nervous animal.

3. Ensure you bring all pets in doors well before dark ahead of any display. Close all doors and windows, including cat-flaps.

4. It is always preferable, especially for very nervous animals, that someone stays home. Distract pets by playing with them or providing them with chew treats such as the Bully Stick, Bully Horn or rawhide items.

5. Background noise will help to mask sounds with television or music providing familiar surroundings.

6. If you’re staying home, giving your pet extra attention will be a perfect distraction. A gentle grooming session or a canine massage will help relax a pet. If you’d like to try the massage, simply apply gentle pressure to your pet’s muscles as you would with a human treatment. There is little harm that can be done with gentle massage but for more information seek professional advice.

7. If you live very close to a large display earplugs can be used to block out sound. Earplugs are available to buy however cotton wool balls are often just as effective.

8. Aromatherapy may also work for some; try burning candles with relaxing natural scents like lavender, cedar, chamomile, neroli and valerian. There are also canine remedies to try, some of which are derived from plants and flowers while others spray pheromones into the air. Bach’s Flower remedies are also available.

9. Remember, always stay calm and behave consistently. Don’t fuss pets and never punish them.

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