Top 5 Tips for Clipping Your Pet’s Coat at Home

Maintaining your dog’s coat in between professional grooms is important. Not only will it allow the groomer to achieve better results for you and your dog, but it can also shorten time spent at the groomers, and make the experience a more pleasant one for your pet.

Here are our top tips for trims and tidy ups, and using dog clippers at home:

  1. Research standard blade lengths. There are various blades available – ensure you choose the correct length for your breed before you begin. Andis have a helpful blade guide detailing the clipping needs of key breeds; alternatively call our sales team on 0845 230 7997 and we will happily advise you on the correct blade for your needs.
  2. Invest in a clipper that uses interchangeable (sometimes known as universal) blades. This means your blade will be easy to attach and remove, and also means you can use clipper blades from various brands should you need to.
  3. Always consider where you will groom. Clip outside if possible, or if clipping inside ensure you clip somewhere that is easy to clean. If you are planning to groom your dog in the garden, garage, or somewhere that does not have access to main power, a cordless clipper is important. Try the Liveryman Classic Trimmer, which is cordless and powerful enough to complete a full clip on one battery charge.
  4. Use your clippers safely. Always use clipper coolant and lubricant throughout to keep the blades working well and staying cool. Frequently turn your clippers off and touch them to check they are not too warm.
  5. Don’t forget to offer positive encouragement throughout. Offer treats, praise and plenty of breaks from grooming to make the experience more pleasant for your dog.

For those new to clipping and grooming at home, a good quality pet clipper such as the Andis Pro Pet is the ideal investment. This clipper offers everything the fledging home groomer could need, including blade oil, a #10 blade, four snap-on attachment combs and a step-by-step grooming guide. The pro pet also offers more power than a standard pet clipper, enough to complete a whole clip if necessary. Groomers are currently offering 10% OFF the Pro Pet Clipper, find it here.

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