Professional Puppy Grooming


A great way to diversify your services is to offer introductory grooming sessions for puppies and their owners. There are numerous benefits with puppy grooming services. Getting pups acclimatised to the grooming process makes for quicker and more productive grooming sessions for you in the long run, and can also confirm good grooming practise with the owners.

A Few General Considerations

  • Offer plenty of praise and use a calm tone of voice throughout the session
  • Ensure puppies are vaccinated
  • Always offer this service on a one-to-one basis
  • Always dedicate enough time to this type of session
  • Offer a preliminary consultation before the session

Tools and Techniques

  • Use tools specifically designed for puppies. Invest in a few gentle brushes such as the Tendercare Slicker Brush, and ensure you have puppy shampoo and conditioner available.
  • Bathe very gently. Bathe the puppy gently in just a few inches of water – do not overfill the bath. It is also important to keep the environment warm, as puppies can get cold during and after bathing, and ensure any shampoo and conditioner used is rinsed out thoroughly.
  • Introduce the dryer/blaster slowly. First introduce the puppy to the sound of the dryer by simply turning it on in the room, placed far away from the grooming table. Slowly approach the puppy with the nozzle, and then begin to dry the coat once the dog seems more comfortable with the machine. Remember to ensure the blaster is not too hot or set to close to the skin.
  • Give the owners details to take home with them. Explain key processes so they can also acclimatise their puppy at home. It would be a great idea to offer an information sheet on popular breeds and/or general grooming basics – what they should do at home and the tools they will need etc..

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