Horse Rider Safety Tips


Horse riding will always carry a certain degree of risk – but there are a number of precautions you can take for a safer ride. Some may seem obvious, but the basics are always important to reinforce.

  • Inspect all riding equipment for any damage or signs of wear before riding
  • Ensure children and novice riders are supervised at all times
  • Don’t ride when tired – it is important to stay alert
  • Never walk behind a horse – always approach from the shoulder
  • Always warm up and stretch before riding
  • Inspect all surfaces before riding
  • Always wear a properly fitted helmet, and replace all hats that have undergone impact
  • Always wear appropriate clothing that is not too loose, and wear appropriate weather gear if necessary
  • Use correctly fitted stirrups
  • Always wear shoes with suitable heels
  • Ensure you carry a fully charged mobile for emergencies

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