The Importance of Breed Research


Each breed of dog has its own unique characteristics. When you are looking to bring a new dog into your family, it is therefore important that you research breed profiles so you can find a dog to match your personality and lifestyle. Even if you are seasoned dog owner, it is important to research a new breed before taking the plunge.

Things to Consider

A good place to start is by first considering the type of breed that might be right for you, as dogs in each category tend to have similar characteristics. The seven types of dog breed are hound, toy, working, gundog, terrier, utility and pastoral.

From here there are a number of important elements you should consider. These include the following:

  • Is the breed energetic or placid?
  • Is the breed strong-willed or easy going?
  • Does the breed enjoy the company of other dogs?
  • Does the breed get on well with other animals, such as cats or wildlife?
  • What type of coat does the breed have? Will the dog moult or need regular grooming?
  • How much exercise do dogs of this breed typically need?
  • Is the breed known to suffer from specific hereditary diseases?

You should also add other considerations to address your own needs, such as whether the breed is good with children, for example.

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