Canine First Aid Kit Essentials


First aid should be a primary concern for every pet owner. Preparing for potential first aid emergencies is important, and having an adequately stock first aid kit is an excellent place to start.

Here are our top products to have in your first aid kit. Don’t forget to restock if necessary, and make sure you check the expiration dates on relevant products.

  • Non-stick bandages, scissors and tape. Pet-Flex Bandages are ideal, offering controlled, non-slip compression that will not stick to hair or skin.
  • Forceps or tweezers. Allows you to remove hair, splinters or burs accurately.
  • Antiseptic and antibiotic solution. For wound cleaning.
  • Styptic powder. This fast acting anticoagulant to stop bleeding from minor cuts, grazes and quickened nails.
  • Thermometer. Remember, dogs have a higher healthy body temperature than humans, around 38 – 39°C (100 – 102.5°F).
  • A muzzle. Try the Softie Muzzle to gently restrict any aggressive behaviour.
  • Eye and ear wash solution. Use cautiously when dealing with irritation and inflammation.
  • A guide book detailing canine first aid. Try Andrew Gardiner’s First Aid for Dogs, which details in depth elements of canine health. Ideal for reference in unfamiliar first aid situations.

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