Top 5 Tips for Flea and Tick Prevention this Summer

Keep on top of fleas and ticks this summer with our top five tips for effective parasite prevention:

  1. Use appropriate medications and treatments. There are various spot-on treatments and tablets on the market – select one that kills both fleas and ticks (ideally at all lifecycle stages), and ensure you treat your pet regularly.
  2. Use flea and tick repelling products. Wash with Groomers Ridasect every one – two weeks to repel both ticks and fleas. You could also try rinsing with Groomers Skin Saver Coat Rinse after shampooing to heighten the coat’s repellent qualities further.
  3. Consider food supplements. There are a number of food supplements to try which can naturally deter fleas and ticks away from your dog. Fatty acids with Omegas 3 and 6, such as those found in our Groomers EPO Food Supplement often work well, and brewer’s yeast is also known to make dogs unappetising to fleas. A tablespoon of cider vinegar in your dog’s water bowl daily is also worth a try, as is a garlic supplement, with can also make your pet unappealing to ticks.
  4. Keep your home and garden flea and tick free. Ensure you vacuum your house regularly, as this can remove up to 95% of adult fleas, larva and eggs. You ideally need to do this every one – two days. Wash blankets and bedding regularly using as hot a wash as possible to kill any fleas and larva residing there. You should also look at your garden – many types of tick live in long grass waiting for an animal host, so removing any long grass from your garden will make it less likely for your pet to bring ticks home. You could also try cedar based mulch or woodchips in your garden, which is an effective deterrent for both fleas and ticks.
  5. Check your pet regularly. Use a flea comb regularlyevery time your dog has been outside ideally. Doing this for just a few minutes will allow you to immediately identify and remove any fleas, as well as potentially locate any rouge ticks. Rub some Vaseline on the teeth of your flea comb to trap any fleas found and remove them from your dog’s coat. Check around the ears, armpits, tail and neck especially.

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