Top 10 Most Important Purchases for Start-Up Groomers


Ensure success in the early days of your business by investing in the right equipment. Here are our key purchases for new groomers:

  1.       Slicker brush. This multi-purpose brush is ideal for use with most coat types, and can be used for detangling and removing dead hair. 
  2.      Combination comb. Perfect for all coated breeds, use for fluffing, styling and detangling.
  3.       Nail clippers. Choose one with a safety stop for more accurate cutting, plus ensure you invest in a little styptic powder is case any cuts are made too close to the quick.
  4.       Thinning scissors. Useful to style and shape the coat and add texture.
  5.       Straight scissors. A pair of finishing scissors are vital for every groomer, a pair of 7” scissors is the ideal multi-purpose size, but it is important to pick the size that is right for you.
  6.       A selection of liquid products. You will need a range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products to suit various coat types. Try our Shampoo Starter Kit, which has a wide selection of products offering excellent value.
  7.       Clippers. There are a huge amount of clippers available, as a new groomer you need to invest in a clipper with at least two speeds, allowing you added power to cut through thicker coats if necessary. Invest in the best quality you can afford, we recommend the Andis Super Speed, which is perfect for heavy duty professional use.
  8.       Assorted clipper blades/attachment combs. Assorted blade lengths are also vital – a #10, #40 and a #7F blade will also be very useful. You might also find a selection of attachment combs useful, these will offer you varied cutting lengths at a fraction of the cost of new blades.
  9.       Combination blaster/dryer. A combination blaster/dryer gives the most versatile and cost effective combination when drying, offering both blaster power and temperature and speed variation.
  10.    Professional quality table. A height adjustable table is vital as it will allow you to groom dogs of different sizes with ease. A table is where you do the vast majority of your work, so it is important to ensure a good quality work environment.

You can find all this equipment and more in our Salon Package. This salon package is the most comprehensive we offer, providing a large range of key products to equip you through every aspect of dog grooming, and offers you a saving of over £125 compared to buying each item individually. To view the pack click here.

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